Trailer Towing Training with David Griffin
Covering N.Devon, Exeter and Taunton
with David Griffin – 07810 738 331

Trailer training – what is involved during your training sessions.

All our training is flexible and tailored to suit the individual needs of each of his clients.
If you are working towards your towing test you will work on:

  • Reversing in straight lines
  • Reversing around corners and parking
  • Coupling and uncoupling the trailer
  • Covering the laws on towing
  • Weight distribution
  • Basic maintenance of your vehicles
  • Keeping your vehicles roadworthy and legal

Refresher/Training Course involves a 3 hour course covering all aspects of trailer towing, including hitching up and the correct way to load your tow vehicle. All courses are tailor made to suit the individual’s requirements. This course is just £150 for the 3 hours. Please contact Dave for further information.

If you are new to towing or have not towed for a number of years but are not required to do the test, we are happy to work on clients weaknesses and build on their confidence.

If you passed a car test before 1st January 1997 you keep your existing entitlement to tow trailers until your licence expires. This means you’re generally entitled to drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to 8.25 tonnes maximum authorised mass (MAM).

If you took your test after 1997 then you would most likely need to do the B + E test if you wish to tow a trailer. We will teach you all you need to know and do to pass your car and trailer practical driving test – Trailer B + E Towing Test.

finger pointing

Please Be Warned!

If you get stopped by the police and you are driving a vehicle/vehicle combination that is of a different category to that shown on your licence you may be fined or have points added to your licence or both.

Please make sure before you tow a vehicle you have the correct category on your licence or that you have passed the required test.

Discount prices for Group Bookings and Block Bookings:

If you are entitled to tow with your licence but need to brush up on your technique or lack confidence, we are happy to give you lessons on trailer towing. We will also keep you up to speed with all the current laws and regulations regarding towing.

We cover N.Devon and both Exeter and Taunton Test Centres

Caravan and Trailer repairs and servicing:

We can arrange for your caravan or trailer to have repairs carried out or any servicing needed, covering the whole of the N. Devon area.

Please contact Dave for further information.

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